Wednesday, March 10, 2010


In order from left to right: Full For You (Plushglass), Hush, Hush Rose (Lipglass), Viva Glam VI (Lipglass), Do It Up (Dazzleglass Creme), Totally Fab (Dazzleglass Creme), and Boy Bait (Cremesheen Glass) (it is very light in the picture).


Full For You (Pluglass): Pinkish/puple color with multicolored glitter. This is a plumping lipgloss . . feels a little tingly on the lips, but only if directly placed on lips. It has a gummy texture and very stale smell. Even with that, I love the color and it works very nicely with most lipsticks.

Hush, Hush Rose (Lipglass): Rosey pink lipgloss with orange and pink glitter. This is a very pigmented lipgloss that can be worn without lipstick and still provide a vibrant color. Very smooth on the lips. It has a nice sweet smell. Not gummy.

Viva Glam VI (Lipglass): mauve toned color with multicolor glitter. This is a very neutral toned lipgloss that is great for all skin tones. Also great for a start color. Smooth on the lips. Sweet smell. Not gummy.

Do It Up (Dazzleglass Creme): Hot pink color with glitter. It is very pigmented and can be worn in place of lipstick, but can also be worn lightly for a light dash of pink. Slight gritty texture. It has a sweet smell. A little gummy. Comes with a brush applicator.

Totally Fab (Dazzleglass Creme): Bright read color with silver and hot pink glitter. Highly pigmented and can be worn in place of lipstick, but also can be worn lightly for a pop of color. Sweet scent. Gritty texture. A little gummy. Brush applicator.

Boy Bait (Cremesheen Glass): Light baby pink, with a hint of shimmer. Not glittery. The perfect color for almost any shade of lipstick. Can be used to tone down a bright lipstick or worn without lipstick for a neutral and very subtle pop of pink. Very easy to wear. Sweet smell. Smooth on the lips.

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