Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here are my favorite bronzers:

1. NARS Laguna: The perfect bronzed glow. Not orangey or too dark. Perfect for almost all skin types, even very fair skin. Has a minimal amount of shimmer, not too over the top. Great for contouring or getting that all over glow. Pressed powder.

2. Benefit 10: A two in one product. One half of the powder is a light pink highlighter and the other half is a bronzer. The bronzer is goldish/brown toned, with a tiny amount of shimmer. Not too dark or over the top. Very easy to work with. Not as dark as Laguna from NARS. Really hard to add too much . . . . perfect for the heavy handed person. The highlighter is also great. . . perfect for giving a glow to the cheeks and any other area naturally highlighted. Pressed powder.

3. Benefit One Hot Minute: This product is a loose powder. Very easy to work with. One hot minute is also the most shimmery of my favorites. Perfect for the summer. It is a little more orangey than the other two. I also really love the smell of this product!

**I am still working on trying some drugstore bronzers for a little more affordable bronzer, but I have so many products to work through at the moment.

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